I am a Ph.D. candidate at Uppsala University, Sweden advised by Thomas Schön (main), Niklas Wahlström and Antônio H. Ribeiro. I am fully supported by WASP.

In my research I try to understand deep learning through theory and empirical observations. I am interested in

On the applied side, my research uses deep models for the evaluation of electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings to (1) help physicians with diagnosis and (2) explore the information within those recordings.


Latest research results and news

May 11, 2023, Accepted Paper: Our paper on invertible kernel PCA got accepted at IEEE Signal Processing Letters. We present a simple but effective method to invert the kernel PCA operations in an invertible subdomain which is sufficient for reconstruction in many scenarios.
doi arXiv code

January 03, 2023, Research Visit: I will visit Misha Belkin’s group at UC San Diego from 1st of March to 27th of May. During that time we will work on generalization of overparameterized models.
Misha Belkin

December 05, 2022, Poster Presentation: I presented a poster on our ongoing work in ECG-regression for electrolyte prediction at the annual AI4Reserach workshop, Uppsala.
poster workshop

November 22, 2022, Invited Talk: The bi-annual joint meeting from the Swedish and Danish societies for biopharmaceutical/medical statistics (DSBS, FMS), invited me to talk about our latest work in prediction models for myocardial infarctions from ECGs.
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