PointingSat - high precision pointing error analysis with ESA PEET v1.0

Shortened Abstract

For satellites we can define the pointing of one instrument as the direction of measurement. With a pointing error we describe a deviation from the intended direction in a specific measure. The Pointing Error Engineering Tool (PEET) is a software, which supports the user in the step-by-step engineering process from pointing error requirement specification, to systematic pointing error analysis, and the compilation of pointing error budgets. This paper demonstrates the capabilities of PEET v1.0 and its cross-validation by means of the PointingSat case study. PointingSat is a fictive but realistic mission that covers almost all use cases for the ESA PEET software v1.0.

Authors: Thomas Ott, Marc Hirth, Massimo Casasco, Simon Görries, Daniel Gedon, Alison Ponche
Publication: GNC 2017: 10th International ESA Conference on Guidance, Navigation & Control Systems
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